Your gift: A Guided Dialogue with Your Trusted Source about 2014

Here is the link to the guided dialogue on youtube:
I hope you enjoy this way of dialoguing with your trusted source (TS) and benefit from the guidance you are given about 2014. 

Afterwards, ponder what you receive from TS and allow your intentions for the year ahead to evolve from there. 
Ask TS for further guidance on forming a clear set of intentions. Not too many! I suggest three to five. 
(Unless TS give clear instructions that more is right for you!) 

You might like to research the difference between resolutions and intentions. It seems that intentions are more effective. Resolutions often trigger resistance, intentions are less likely to.

Did you set intentions for 2013? If you did, check them out and surprise yourself. Acknowledge yourself too. 

Keep your intentions for 2014  in a  findable place – and set an intention to review them during the year and at the beginning of 2015. 

Enjoy this moment of connection with your trusted source. Approach it with curiosity and be prepared for surprises….

Love and blessings for 2014 to all, Alice 

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