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Life Energy Coaching Programs


Purpose Program

Life Energy Coaching’s most powerful program, Love Your True Purpose gives you the complete map and all the guidance you need to travel to where the knowledge of your true purpose is hidden – inside your own unconscious mind. This journey can be taken either as Individual Coaching or in a Group Coaching format.You will receive the tools and skills to connect deeply with your own Trusted Source and have rich details of your true purpose revealed to you. You will also be shown the way to lovingly seek and receive permission from your ego protectors for your purpose journey. This is our most powerful program for exploring your purpose and ego structure in detail.

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Release Program

The Release Your Limiting Emotions and Love Your Life Program introduces all the core processes of the Sedona Method.This remarkable method equips you to release any limiting emotions as they arise, for the rest of your life.

Each release removes a layer of limiting emotion permanently, like peeling an onion.

If you want to experience freedom from limiting emotions, and feel no need to delve into where they come from, then Release Your Limiting Emotions and Love Your Life is the program for you!

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Parts Program

In the Discover and Embrace All Parts of You Program, through powerfully effective journaling and other self-inquiry processes, the nature of your ego parts and their history is revealed to you, and to the ego parts themselves.The major benefit of this program is the enabling of your chosen actions which were previously blocked by the ego. Your ego will be enabled to give you permission to grow, and to actually support you to show your true colours to the world!

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