The True Purpose Program


Life Energy Coaching’s powerful program,
Love Your True Purpose
gives you the complete map and all the guidance you need to
travel to where the knowledge of your true purpose is hidden
– inside your own unconscious mind.


You will receive the tools and skills to connect deeply with your own Trusted Source and have rich details of your true purpose revealed to you. You will also be shown the way to lovingly seek and receive permission from your ego protectors for your purpose journey.

The forging of a lifelong two-way connection to your personal Trusted Source is the priceless element here. Through this connection you will carry out a carefully structured deep inquiry into the details of your true purpose.

The cooperation of the ego is ensured through working with the ego parts. You will learn simple processes to let go of limiting emotions quickly, simply and effectively at any time.

This is our most powerful program for exploring your purpose and ego structure in detail. These tools will serve you lifelong to align your ego with your true purpose.

With a nourishing relationship with your true purpose, and the tools to clear ego barriers, you are equipped to move ahead, consciously, calmly and steadily to express your true purpose in the world.

A peaceful mind and contented heart is the priceless harvest!


Two Ways to take the Journey

There are two ways to journey through all 9 stages of the True Purpose processTM :

Individual Coaching: A  one-on-one program with Alice, with built-in support to ensure an individualized experience that meets your unique needs in detail.


Group Coaching: A very accessible way to find your True Purpose in a Small Group Teleconference based program of only 4-6 people, with expert teaching and facilitation and the support of like-minded companions on  the journey.

The next Teleseminar-based True Purpose Group Course starts soon!
Contact Alice for details

Here’s how the Individual and Group Programs work:

Format Details Resources
Individual Coaching • 15 x 60 – 90 minute individual customized sessions (average length 75 minutes)• Additional personal email, text and phone support as needed to ensure you move through any obstacles• Your prep: 1-3 hours between sessions

• Weekly or fortnightly sessions, with felxibility

• FREE 4 month membership of True Purpose Graduate Circle program after the program completes

2 Books:
The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin
True Purposeby Tim Kelley1 CD:
Know Your Purpose through Meditation
Group Coaching • 12 x 90 minute Class Lessons by Teleconference calls over 14 weeks (audio recorded)• Two half-hour personal clarity calls

• 4-6 fellow True Purpose seekers

• Your prep: 2-3 hours between sessions

• Your own True Purpose Buddy to work with

1 Books:
True Purposeby Tim Kelley1 CD:
Know Your Purpose though Meditation

Further Information:

• Individual Coaching sessions are mostly by telephone or Skype. If you live locally, face to face sessions can be arranged.

• Teleclasses use a conferencing system

• All sessions are recorded (with your permission) and supplied to you through Dropbox or a similar service

How you can join us!

Ready to jump right in? Have some questions?

If you feel in your heart that this program is for you, then I would love to help you take the next step. Or maybe you have some questions you would like to ask me. Simply click on the link below to fill in your details and we will set up a time for a 30-minute chat.

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I look forward to assisting you on your Purpose journey!

Alice Aird