Case Studies


Case Study 1:
Lydia Seeks New Direction After Children Leave Home

When Lydia came to us she lacked energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment of everyday activities although everything in her life was outwardly fine. Life coaching appealed to her as a step by step method to discover what had to be changed in her life and do it.  By exploring her current experience and her ideal life vision she realised she wanted more responsibility and new challenges outside the home, as her family had grown up. This set the initial intention for her coaching.

Lydia’s Delight at Losing Her Fear of Flying

Supporting Lydia to explore her feelings during a typical day uncovered confusion, chaotic feelings and intense fear frequently arising.  Her extreme fear of flying emerged, focussed on an upcoming international trip to visit her distant family. She was extremely anxious because her last trip had been such an ordeal and had made her seriously ill.   She was actually considering giving up flying, which would mean being unable to visit her family forever. read more


Case Study 2:
The Magic of Releasing for Relationships with Self and Others

Jackie was attracted to coaching after a crisis in her relationship when she was severely rejected by her partner who had ‘thrown her out’ of ‘his’ house which they had shared for 2 years. She was experiencing intense feelings of grief, sadness and anger. She was also lonely and finding it very difficult to be at home alone, so she was over socialising, neglecting self-care and compromising her ability to carry on with her busy working life as a secondary teacher.

Jackie found releasing her very strong emotional reactions allowed her to see her former partner clearly as a person with his own needs. As she released her anger and sadness, she was able to find understanding for his behaviour and to be less affected by it. This enabled her to be clear and strong with him and set firm boundaries for how she would allow herself to be treated.  read more

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