Success Stories

Paula Saltalamacchia – Interior Design & Construction Specialist

‘True Purpose’ has been an exhilarating journey, at last the turbulent search “Why am I here?!” has been released. Delighted I chose Alice Aird to be my coaching partner.

Her integrity, gentle probing and empathetic nature was the saving grace which held me in good form. An overwhelming acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude for the people and situations I attracted became a revelation to behold. A constant sense of peacefulness since realising my true essence and what I’m gifted to do is an extraordinary experience.
Leaving a legacy by design – the one which has been entrusted all along.

Thanks for the ride of my life and beyond Alice!

Heidi Haywood – Career Transition Coach

Compassionate, empathic, honest to the core and masterful at sharing how (plus leading you through) to arrive at your purpose. Alice will take you as deep as you need to go!

The 3 main differences I’ve observed in my life having completed this purposeful work has been:
– Relief!! How cool is it to know what it is you are here to do, share, offer and help with!
– Greater ease and simplicity in my life regarding decisions; they feel more purpose driven and conscious, and;
– Greater satisfaction and depths of happiness: I’m now better able to express what it is I most love doing, where I offer others the most value and be able to get out there and do it with all of my ‘parts’ on board.

Vicky Spanos – VCE Literature Teacher, St Catherine’s School

“Everything has been transformed; my teaching, my relationship, my friendships. I’m much lighter and happier; my voice has a new strength that comes from within. People notice and remark on the change in me. I would recommend Alice’s coaching and the Sedona Method to anyone, from a child to an elderly person.

The sessions with Alice are simply a beautiful experience.”

Mary Caywood – ” Infinite Blessings Coaching”, Kentucky USA

“What is Australia best kept secret?  Alice Aird!

Thanks to you Alice I have transformed so much over the past months under your priceless coaching. You come from a heart place of love and compassion for others and a true commitment to their self discovery and growth.

Thanks to your insights, inspiration and support I am now more confident in myself and my abilities. Your belief in me kept me going even when I didn’t believe in my self, now I easily take action and feel that “I can”.

You seem to intuitively know which of your tools and processes to use to cut through my mental clutter and uncover the core issues that where draining me. Now I am experiencing more Freedom, Love and Joy in my daily life and moving confidently towards my dreams.

Again I thank you for all your Masterful Coaching has done for me.”

Kathy Munro – Senior Nurse, Warrnambool

“I started life coaching with Alice because at 54 I felt I was not making use of my abilities and was making the same mistakes over and over again. My marriage was also disintegrating. I was feeling very tired, menopausal and worried about how I could cope if I had to manage on my own. I had tried a number of times to get another job that was not as tiring, to reduce my stress level, with no success.

Alice taught me a fantastic method of releasing my emotions called the Sedona Method. Now, if I had picked up that book in a bookstore, I might have read some of it and thought – “that’s interesting”! But I doubt I would have been able to really use the techniques without Alice’s guidance. The Sedona Method gives you ways to recognise and release limiting emotions. It may be feelings of unhappiness, panic, apathy, fear, guilt etc. This may sound a bit trite, but the difference in how it made me feel about myself, how I began to react to situations, and to other people was amazing!

The more I released, the more I started to understand what was happening in my interactions with others. I started to see why I reacted like I did. I soon became able to release emotions during the day, often when in conversation with a colleague or when I felt the demands of the day starting to overwhelm me.

My life changed rapidly and new opportunities opened up. I found a new job, moved to the country, bought a house and came to terms with the end of my marriage. My friends and family have been amazed at the clear and calm way I have moved through these huge changes in my life. Releasing made all the difference. Every time I felt overwhelmed with how fast everything was happening, I would use the releasing technique. This stopped my emotions clouding my judgment and gave me clarity and belief in my decision making that I have never experienced before. I felt able to achieve and confident in having this technique to use.

Life coaching continues to help me and encourage me to contemplate my progress and to regularly check in with myself to make sure I’m on target. What a blessing it is to have Alice during this time in my life!”

Mira Tanner – Artist and Mother, Melbourne Australia

“I really like the way Alice listens to me. She genuinely accepts where I’m at without imposing her own ideas. Alice then gives me options and methods for dealing with my situation, and will follow through with me until I find a firm resolution. I feel energised after our sessions and shift into a frame of mind where there are possibilities I can act on.”

Johanna – Community Leader, Gold Coast Queensland

“I have found the coaching sessions to be very self-revealing which surprises me, especially because I thought no one could possibly help me with this mundane issue that I never seemed to be able to get on top of. I feel very motivated and energised – a bit like I’ve just opened my eyes to the bright sunshine after living in a dark room for years. It’s very powerful and positive.

I’ve found just reading my notes from our sessions has really helped me to remember why I am doing this, what I committed to do and how. I’ve been using the tools you gave me and I feel I’m in a continuing process. Through your clarity and support I’ve really changed and I’m going for it! “

Sheila Dexter – Mother of young family & Special Needs Carer

“Coaching with Alice, life coaching, has been very good for me. Up till now, really, well till I started life coaching I felt like I was trapped inside myself, I definitely wasn’t living life to its full potential. Now I feel like I really am enjoying my life thanks to life coaching with Alice. It’s like a key has unlocked the lock and things are starting to happen, in my career, with my family.

First of all Alice helped my by telling me how to “quiet” my negative voices, that has been a great help. When I went for my job interview I quieted my negative voices and I got through the interview really well, I was pleased with myself, thanks to the help of my life coaching. I also really like how Alice showed me the wheel of life, where you give each section of your life a number out of 10 and we work on one section at a time.

Thanks to life coaching I feel I am managing to control my worrying and negative feelings a lot better and they are slowly beginning to be taken over by happiness and positive feelings. I used to think sometimes it was other people treating me certain ways but now I know with life coaching that it’s me who had to “turn the light on” and take responsibility for what happens in my life.

To sum it all up, life coaching has been wonderful for me. Alice is a very good coach. She is very calm and makes me feel calm.”

Jess Walsh – Senior Manager, Union Officer

“Since exploring new possibilities in coaching sessions, I feel much more positive and more comfortable even with options that seemed unsatisfactory before. I feel less trapped and can see the positives and none of the options seems complex, it seems OK.

I have become more successful at work because I see more work options for myself. I now know that if working in this organisation is not OK for me, I can and will go somewhere else. Before I felt trapped and powerless. Now I am freed up. I can do what I really believe is good for the organisation to move forward, and what is also good for me. There is so much power in not feeling trapped.

In the relationship area I feel a new sense of hope and determination. Now that work doesn’t occupy so much of my mental and emotional energy there is space for other things in my life. I am more positive and open and am relating to people differently.

I know I’d be mad not to continue coaching! I see Alice’s program ‘Activate Your Inner Coach’ as a priceless investment in myself.”

Genevieve Timmons – Consultant

“With Alice I have an experience I don’t have any where else, attunement to where I am. Your ability to be immediately on a phone call present to what I am saying and feeling. It’s as if you are willing to be as close as is necessary, that there are no barriers to your willingness to reach into where I am.

You ask questions which engage and move the work forward without a lot of time being spent in explaining. There is time efficiency in your capacity to perceive what is going on, on many levels. You get to a place of appreciation very quickly and are then able to accelerate my progress in a way that I haven’t experienced previously.

It moves beyond just being able to think and talk out loud about my life. This attunement is about teamwork, we don’t waste time. You really get to where the action is straight away.

I know you will hold me accountable, that it will be not just a feel good thing; you will make sure it is not soft; that it is substantial and will not disappear.

When there is an issue on my mind I often ask “What would Alice say?” and it helps me. I hear your voice and am able to touch base with the process we have shared. I feel your generosity of spirit and that you’re there for me unconditionally. I can call on that as a reassurance and to reframe my thinking. It works!”

Life Coach – Pennsylvania USA

“I am so grateful for the wonderful session that we had today. I feel so alive and energized and love the way I can look at patterns with “new eyes.” It’s really like seeing things for the first time. My life is coming alive, I feel like I am on an adventure – adventuring within – and I like what I am seeing.”