Self-compassion is Healthy in Many Ways

Practicing self-compassion not only makes individuals healthier and happier but also is a good predictor of healthy romantic relationships, according to a new study by University of Texas at Austin educational psychologists Kristin Neff and Tasha Beretvas.

According to Kristin Neff, self-compassion is a way of relating better to yourself: “It requires self-kindness, that we be gentle and understanding with ourselves rather than harshly critical and judgmental.

Second, it requires recognition of our common humanity, feeling connected with others in the experience of life rather than feeling isolated and alienated by our suffering.

Third, it requires mindfulness — that we hold our experience in balanced awareness, rather than ignoring our pain or exaggerating it.”

Their findings counter traditional views on relationship satisfaction, indicating that being kind and supportive to ourselves helps us to be kinder and more supportive to those we care about. The research may help therapists better tailor treatments for couples with relationship problems and could help individuals learn how to relate to themselves and their relationships in a new way.

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