Parts Program


In the Discover and Embrace All Parts of You Program,
through powerfully effective journaling and other
self-inquiry processes, the nature of your
ego parts and their history is revealed to you,
and to the ego parts themselves.


When ego parts become aware of their own nature, they can choose to transform and consciously serve their underlying noble goals for you. It’s a beautiful and moving experience.

You will discover many parts of your psyche and how they came into being.

If you love to further your understanding of the human psyche and the personal growth journey, as you grow and develop yourself, this process will fascinate and move you.

The major benefit of this program is the enabling of your chosen actions which were previously blocked by the ego. Your ego will be enabled to give you permission to grow, and to actually support you to show your true colours to the world!

Program Details Resources
Short Parts Program • 4 x 60 minute sessions• Your prep: 1-3 hours between sessions• Weekly, monthly or fortnightly sessions 1 Book:

True Purpose
by Tim Kelley


Further Information:

• Coaching sessions are mostly by telephone or Skype.

• If you live locally, face to face sessions can be arranged.

• All sessions are recorded (with your permission) and supplied to you through Dropbox or a similar service (this is not guaranteed as unavoidable technical glitches can occur).

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