Is a No-Blame World a Good Idea?

Imagine a world in which people don’t blame each other just because they don’t feel any urge to blame. They haven’t experienced blaming as children, so it’s just not on their radar! In this imaginary “No-Blame World” the misbehavior of children or teenagers or adults is just a signal they don’t yet understand something about this place or activity. There’s no way it’s about being “good” or “bad”. In fact in No-Blame World, the labels good and bad aren’t used!

In No-Blame World, people are keen to offer help, so when they see that someone obviously doesn’t know how to behave in a particular place, No-Blamers just think “Oh, they don’t know what to do here yet” and they help that person as best they can to learn to be relaxed, at ease and effective in the situation.

With people who’ve grown up in No-Blame World, learning and teaching are very easy, because when they go to a new place or do a new thing they trust people to help them to learn what they need to know.

A group of people born in No-Blame World will get on really well with each other very quickly, even if they’ve just met or some of them don’t know much about what they’re doing. It’s really easy and natural for no-blamers to learn from each other no matter what their age or skill difference. It’s so simple! One person knows something, the other one doesn’t. There’s no shame or blame for not knowing, so why should there be any issue when the one who knows helps the one who doesn’t? The other feature of No-Blame World is that the inhabitants greatly enjoy helping people to learn new things. Equally No-Blamers enjoy learning new things themselves. In fact No-Blamers are “addicted” to helping people and to being helped. They love both sides of this learning game so they’re always looking for chances to play!

Sound like Utopia?

Could you live as if the world was a No-Blame World?

Maybe it is … watch for further posts as we explore it a little more.

One Response to “Is a No-Blame World a Good Idea?”

  • Bruce

    Yes, sounds Utopian, but would be a rather nice way to live. Makes me think. Whenever I’ll get to a situation I hate, in future , (drivers who block intersections at traffic lights !!!! ) , I’ll take a deep breath and just say to myself, yes, they just haven’t learnt yet…. will be challenging!

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