Tools and Resources


Essential True Purpose Process Documents

Below are listed the information and instruction documents and worksheets and templates that are uploaded here for you to use during the True Purpose program, and after, in conjunction with the reference book for the program: True Purpose by Tim Kelley.

Module 1: Foundations

Know your Purpose Process Diagram
True Purpose 8 Module Table
Psyche Diagram

Module 2: Purpose Hunting

Purpose Hunting Questions
Ego-Soul Values
Purpose Hunting Themes (Template)
Purpose Pathfinding
Purpose Pathfinding Worksheet (Template)

Module 3: Permission from the Ego

Worst Case Scenario Partner Exercise
Worst Case Scenario Detailed Worksheet (Template)
Worst Case Scenario Summary Worksheet (Template)

Module 4: Connecting with Your Trusted Source

Aspects of Purpose
Choosing Trusted Sources
Guided Meditation Questions
Prayer Assignment
Active Imagination Assignment
Dreamwork Assignment

Module 5: Purpose Detail & Validation

Validating Trusted Sources
Validating Table
Essence, Blessing, Mission & Message Questions

Module 6: Working with Ego Parts

Getting Permission from Parts
Permission from Parts Sample Script
Talking to Inner Selves

Module 7: Interpreting Purpose Information

Sorting Information from Trusted Sources
Creating Purpose Statements
Examples of Purpose Statements
Validating Purpose Statements
True Purpose Summary Worksheet (Template)
Purpose Statements Worksheet (Template)

Module 8: Your Purpose into the Future

Choosing Your Purposefulness Level
Powerful Post Purpose Practices
Tips for Manifesting Your Purpose
Purpose Manifestation Plan (Template)
Monthly Purpose Review (Template)

Module 1 – Foundations

Module 2 – Purpose Hunting & Gathering (Indirect)

Module 3 – Permission from the Ego (Worst Case Scenario)

Module 4 – Connecting with Your Trusted Sources

Module 5 – Purpose Detail & Validation

Module 6 – Further Work with Ego Parts

Module 7 – Interpreting Purpose Information

Module 8 – Your Purpose into the Future