Blaming World is No Utopia

Last time we travelled to  No-Blame World – a mythical, maybe utopian, place where no-one is ever blamed for not knowing something, or for making a mistake, so it’s easy to ask for help, to offer help and to learn.

Now let’s visit a very different kind of place – “Blaming World”

In Blaming World when you do what other people like or approve of, they call you “good” and praise you, and when you do something they don’t like or disapprove of, they call you “bad” and blame you.

On Blaming World, people feel bad when they don’t know something, because they’re told from when they are babies that they are not as good as the people who do know things, even if the ones who know it are much older, or the ones who don’t know it have never had a chance to learn the thing anyway. On Blaming World, the ones who know something or have a skill, feel superior to the ones who don’t know or don’t have so much skill.

So “Blame-Worlders” are scared of not knowing things. They’re always trying to avoid blame from others and to give blame to others. Blame-Worlders are constantly thinking about blaming and feeling blamed.

It’s very hard for Blame-Worlders to learn anything. If they don’t know something they have a dilemma. They have to hide that they don’t know it, because it’s shameful not to know. It’s a risk showing they don’t know because they’ll straight away get blamed for that. And it’s a risk if they don’t find out the thing they don’t know, before it gets out that they don’t know. But how do they find out the thing they don’t know, if they can’t let anyone see that they don’t know this thing already? Hm……

If a Blame-Worlder does ask for help, the Blame-Worlder  they ask will be more interested in blaming,  or laughing at them for not knowing, than teaching them. When Blame-Worlders do teach, there’s always blaming as well. The learner, who is also a Blame-Worlder, can’t learn much, because they’re busy blaming the teacher for blaming them, instead of teaching them!!!!!!! It gets very complicated this blaming thing on Blaming World.


Does this seem a pretty extreme world I’ve described?  Do you see any Blame World features in the world you live in? Is No-Blame World more familiar to you or Blame World? How do you feel when you don’t know something? Do you easily ask for help, or does it feel risky? If someone admits to not knowing something, how do you react? Do you sometimes show surprise that they don’t know it already? Do people do that with you? How does that affect you?

Are you a more of a No-Blamer or Blame-Worlder?


Next time things get even more interesting. We’ll explore what happens when No-Blamer meets a Blame-Worlder..………

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