The True Purpose program offers you:

  • Unique and proven system to set up two-way communication with the source of guidance you trust, who knows your purpose, and discover what it is you are here for.
  • The deep peacefulness of knowing your True Purpose, revealed to you by your Trusted Source, in response to your specially crafted questions.
  • Relief from the endless searching for “Why am I here?”, through receiving clear answers about your purpose, validated via a proven system, from your Trusted Source.
  • A two-way connection with your Trusted source, to call on anytime –  the single-most significant element enabling living your purpose with conviction.
  • Ease and simplicity in making purpose-based conscious decisions, guided by your Trusted Source
  • Three effective ways to transform your inner resistors into supporters and effectively take action in alignment with your purpose
  • A special technique to dialogue respectfully with your inner protectors, until they feel safe enough to stop sabotaging and allow you to go forward with strength.