Balancing Your Brain is VITAL to Purposeful Living!

If you’re feeling stuck or fearful or agitated – whatever state you go into when you are unable to be productive –  it’s very likely there is old “implicit” or emotional memory being triggered, and while these brain circuits are activated you won’t achieve anything much at all. So what do you do? Whatever is needed to bring your brain back into balance. Trying to be productive while these implicit memories are activated is pretty much a waste of time.

I’ve recently been powerfully reminded of the importance of balancing your brain and have learnt more about how this works in the brain itself. A wonderful resource called “Mindsight” by Dan Siegel has integrated a lot of knowledge for me – I highly recommend Siegel’s work.

Implicit memory is laid down either when you are too young for a part of the brain called the hippocampus to have developed (before age 2-3), or in times of great stress when the hippocampus is bypassed. The important thing is that implicit memories don’t even feel like memories; they feel like the original cause of all this discomfort is happening now, when it isn’t. Once triggered we go into a state that we went into long ago and feel like the cause is something in our world now.

No amount of trying hard will overcome this. We need to shift the state of the brain. How? Well this is where all the ancient and modern practices such as meditation, focus practices, mindfulness, and many many others come in. So doing practices that work for you to balance your brain is VITAL. It’s not about being “good” – you know the kind of self talk … “good people meditate, you should meditate etc”.

It’s about the effect on your brain. If you’ve “done lots of balancing practices” and still feel rotten, then they haven’t been effective, aren’t the right ones, or possibly you’re not really doing them with enough attention.

There are very effective ways to bring your brain back into integration! No amount of searching for understanding or meaning will work while our brains are being flooded with these implicit memories (which don’t even feel like memories).

Dan Siegel’s “Mindsight” brings together the latest science from many disciplines and integrates this knowledge in new, clear and exciting ways. The teaching is superb, relating the concepts through stories to the experience of real people’s lives in a powerful and illuminating way. It’s very clear and non-mystical with excellent stories of how people have turned their lives around by working with their brains in this way.

Not that I’m against the mystical! But when I feel rotten I need clear instructions to follow, and my Skeptic needs to get evidence-based answers.

Basically what I get from “Mindsight” is that if I’m feeling stuck or agitated and unable to do some task, that I really want to do and know I can do, I need to do some work with my brain. A practice is needed. It doesn’t matter how “good” I’ve been about doing my practices and actions etc, if I’m not able to be effective because of my mental and emotional state, then what I’m doing isn’t hitting the spot. I’ve really taken in that focussed attention exercises are hugely effective. Meditation! Breath awareness! Mindfulness! Hey these things work! (My Skeptic often undermines my belief even after 30 years of meditation practice.)

It’s good to have the latest science reinforcing the value of these practices and giving us a brain perspective.

For purpose students here’s an important principle to take in deeply:

Once you balance your brain it’s miles easier to talk to Trusted Source, dialog with ego parts and and take other purposeful steps.

And if you’re not a true purpose student (yet!), by balancing your brain you’ll connect with your true purpose within even if you don’t consciously know how to do that.

Find out what balances YOUR brain, and do more of it. Do it more times a day. Do it whenever you feel you’re not being productive, or feel stuck, repeating old patterns. Don’t push on. Stop and take action to shift your brain state.

It’s refreshing to do a new practice. I’ve found Siegel’s “Wheel of Awareness” practice and reading his book “Mindsight” has renewed my existing practices – my meditation, Sedona Method and Feldenkrais practices have all been refreshed by it. I’m loving them again! It’s as if the WHY of doing them has been re-activated. My Skeptic has gone quiet (all that good science is very calming to my 21st century Skeptic part) and I’m taking purposeful action with new steadiness and stamina.

I highly recommend Siegel’s “Wheel of Awareness” exercise. It’s so simple, and easy to do with a free audio recording to support you – and it works.

Here’s the link to the Mindsight resources:

lots of love, Alice

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  • i excitedly came to check your site after talking to Mandy this morning…

    Alice…. this feels so good! and your words, and this article… they’re gorgeous. they speak beautifully! the connections are here — new neurons are firing in me as we speak…

    a part of me is falling over in dizzy bliss….


    you’re brilliant!

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