Hi, I’m Alice Aird and I founded Life Energy Coaching in 2003 . Currently, I’m  the coach around here and I’m fortunate to collaborate with an inspiring and complementary bunch of people who support the work and evolution of the work of Life Energy Coaching.

I trained originally in Life Coaching with The Life Coaching Academy, then later Spiritual Coaching with Sharon Wilson, then studied the Sedona Method (for releasing limiting emotions).  In December 2011, I qualified as one of only 2 Certified True Purpose Coaches in Australia (only 20 in the world) after 2 years of training with The True Purpose TMInstitute founded by Tim Kelley in the United States.

The people I work with are already seasoned in the growth journey and have many resources and much experience. I love to search till I find the greatest and finest methods to bring to them,  and a strength of mine is  helping people to integrate new tools and perspectives into their already effective range of methods.

I’ve always coached people who long to make the difference they are here to make and to support them in making more conscious and holistic life choices, aligned with clear personal values. Now I’m delighted to be able to coach them in the True Purpose Process through which theydiscover their purpose in great detail and clarity. Through coaching people come to know themselves and their motivations better, and to treat themselves and others with empathy, love and respect more and more, and to be able to take action to live deeply fulfilling lives and to make a greater contribution to their communities and the world.

One of the reasons it’s so important to me to coach people to make the difference they’re here to make is that, as I see it in the 21st century we all share one great project – that of ensuring the future of humanity on a  healthy planet, that supports biodiversity and our continuing evolution as a species.  Every kind of skill and expertise and passion will be needed and everyone has a unique contribution to make.

I’m thrilled to be able to bring the True PurposeTM methodology to Australia, and to restore to people who are committed to making a difference, their original and unstoppable heart connection to their purpose. People who are passionately dedicated to their sacred purpose are the greatest possible asset to the world  – and the happiest people.

More About Me for those who like to know more of the story…..

I’ve always been passionate about people learning better ways of living in harmony with themselves, each other and the Earth.  I studied biological sciences and was a hospital scientist, then a high school teacher in science and maths, mostly part time while mothering three children. We’ve lived on our 10 acre property  near Melbourne since 1984 and explored many ways of living close to the earth here.   At first the tiny mudbrick cottage we built had only one room, no running water and minimal wind generated electricity. This was a time of planning (with Permaculture as a major influence) and planting to supply food and other resources from the land. The children were home schooled for a time in the 150 year old local school house, which was relocated to the property to save it from demolition, and which later became the family home. Our third child was born in the mudbrick cottage, which later hosted a meditation centre for a number of years. Now our originally bare block gives us plenty of food, and firewood, and work to do keeping it from turning completely to forest with nowhere left to grow food! Nature is amazing in her power…..

A few other things to mention for those who are interested!  I’ve been a regualar meditator and belonged to a meditation community for nearly 30 years, as well as having a stint in local community leadership on school council and environment groups, and serving as a Councillor in the Macedon Ranges Shire in 2000 – 2003. During a few years in the 90’s I shifted into the very different world of workplace education and training, in a family business in the IT industry (and became computer literate as a result!). As a project officer for the Women’s Participation in Local Government Coalition, with my job-share partner Linda Bennett, I helped create the Women Get Elected workshop program.   For these workshops we have trained local volunteer women as facilitators and provided a complete toolbox to enable women of passion and courage, who often had no facilitation experience, to effectively facilitate and coordinate workshops.