How do you live a Truly
Purposeful & Fulfilling Life?

By Connecting to Soul’s
Purpose and Releasing Ego Resistance!

With Life Energy Coaching you will gain an entirely new way
to relate to your inner wisdom and your emotions.

You will reconnect to your inner source of boundless happiness and wise guidance, your Trusted Source, which is always there, beyond limiting ego reactions.

Life Energy Coaching, founded by Alice Aird, has evolved from more than 25 years of study and practice of ancient and modern techniques for connecting to intrinsic soul purpose and becoming free from ego based limitations and negativities.

Alice explains: “We all know that purposeful action feels wonderful. The dilemma is to activate it! Two things are needed. One is to discover your soul’s purpose. The other is to release the ego’s resistance, due to past experiences, to your living a purposeful and fulfilling life. Both can now be done by anyone who is ready and willing. “

With Life Energy Coaching:

  • Your intuition awakens, you connect with Trusted Source and are guided every step of your journey
  • You align your ego as an ally in living your purpose
  • You release your limiting emotions
  • You feel more, and your feelings control you less.
  • Your inner child is nurtured and happy and you flourish
  • You activate within you the loving parent you always wanted
  • You access profound guidance from within

It’s a beautiful way to live!

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